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School Counseling

The Wissahickon High School Counseling Office supports all students academically and developmentally. Counselors collaborate with high school staff members, parents and outside agencies in servicing our students. All students are assigned alphabetically to a school counselor by last name. In addition to meeting with students individually and in small groups, the counselors deliver a developmental counseling curriculum to all students based upon standards and best practice.

School Counselor Support

School Counseling Appointments 

Below you can find our school counselors, their assigned caseload assignments, and contact information. To schedule an appointment with one of the school counselors, please click on their link below.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out by email. 

Counselor      (Phone Ext.)

(by last name & class year)


Ms. Antoinette Perrotta

A-Dh (Class of ’26-’27)
A-Dd (Class of ’24-'25)

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Ms. Antoinette Perrotta

A-Dh (Class of ’23-’25)
A-Dd (Class of ’26)

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Mrs. Cailin Diebolt

De-H (Class of '26-''27)
Di-Ho, (Class
of ’24-’25)
Students with Access to Autistic Learning Support/Life Skills/hybrid Learning Classes, and ELL

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Mrs. Marissa Samit

 I-Mc (Class of ’26-’27)
Hp--Mc (Class of ’24-'25)

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Mr. Vince Yasenchak

Md-Sb (All grades)

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Mrs. Felicia Glover

Sc-Z (All grades)

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Melissa Schiff

Resource Counselor

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Ms. Stacy Anderson

College & Career (all students)

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Ms. Michelle Simpson