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Graduation and Promotion Requirements

WHS Graduation Requirements

Course Requirements

Credits Earned



Social Studies






Mathematics, Science, or Computer Science*


Wellness (9th Grade)


Physical Education




Freshman Seminar**


Career Pathways Portfolio**






*Students must earn a combined total of 7.0 credits and Mathematics and Science which can include 1.0 credit in Computer Programming, Advanced Computer Programming, or AP Computer Science.

**Classes of 2025 and 2026—These students will not participate in the Freshman Seminar and are only required to earn 26.80 credits.
Class of 2027 and beyond—Students will be required to complete this 0.25 credit Freshman Seminar class and earn 27.05 credits   
Class of 2025 and beyond - Students will earn 0.2 credit in their 9th grade year, 0.3 credit in their 10th grade year, and 0.3 credit in their 11th grade year. 

***Two years of World Language are required, but exceptions are considered on an individual basis.

Career Pathways Portfolio:

The Career Pathways Portfolio needs to be completed in its entirety in order to earn a passing grade and be eligible to graduate. Wissahickon’s Career Pathways Portfolio is an independent study that does not require attendance in a regularly scheduled class. Each student will have the Career Pathways Portfolio as a class on their Schoology and monitored through a pass/fail grade. These grades will assess components completed based on their assigned due dates.

Learn more about the Career Pathways Portfolio

Keystone Assessments:

Keystone assessments are a high school graduation requirement beginning with the class of 2023 and beyond. Achieving a proficient score on all three of the PA Keystone Exams (Algebra, Biology, and Literature) is one way for Pennsylvania students to demonstrate their proficiency for post-secondary work. In addition, however, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has established alternative pathways by which a student is able to demonstrate post-secondary readiness.

View Keystone Assessment information 

Interpretation of WHS Graduation Requirements:

In the event there are any questions or clarifications about these WHS Graduation Requirements, the High School Principal and/or Superintendent shall have the exclusive discretion to render a final interpretation/decision on the graduation requirements at issue and to implement modifications to an applicable student’s course selections/roster.

Promotion Requirements

For Promotion

Required Criteria

From Grade 9 to Grade 10

6 Credits

From Grade 10 to Grade 11

A Minimum of 12.50 Credits Overall

From Grade 11 to Grade 12

A Minimum of 19.00 Credits Overall

Students who have not earned enough credits to be promoted will be notified by their counselor at the end of each school year. Students are able to make up their credit deficiency through summer school or through work in the following school year. They may rejoin their grade level class when the credits for the make-up courses are completed.