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Class of 2007

Katie O'Donnell Bam, Class of 2007Kathleen O'Donnell Bam

WHS Activities: Field Hockey (9-12); Lacrosse (10-12); Soccer (9); Ilium (11,12); Interact (10-12); National Honor Society (11,12); Suburban 1/Philadelphia Player of the Year & First Team All-State for three years

Post-Graduate Achievements: First Team All-American at University of Maryland for four years; 2010 National Player of the Year and Sportswoman of the Year; 2012 USA Olympic Field Hockey team; Retired jersey #16 in January 2011.

Kristen BeckettKristin Beckett 

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As the Head of Wellness at Rivian, Kristin Beckett supports the well-being of the employees of an electric vehicle manufacturing company and incorporates wellness into the fabric of the organization's culture. In this role, she holds innovative sessions with teams across the company to create dialogue and inspire people to learn more about self-care, starting with their new-hire onboarding process that integrates the topics of Belonging and Wellness. From virtual and on-site fitness classes, to external speakers on wellness-related topics, to smoothie days, to mental health and wellness sessions customized for different teams, Ms. Beckett is known for her efforts to promote positivity and collaboration among colleagues.

As a company committed to mitigating climate change, Rivian provides Ms. Beckett an opportunity to support principles she learned at William and Mary University where she was the leader of the Net Impact organization, an environmentally focused student organization promoting sustainability. After graduating in 2011 with a double major in Finance and German and with the highest GPA in the business school, Ms. Beckett worked at IBM and Tesla, and was involved in the Women in Tesla organization.

Ms. Beckett’s journey from being the WHS Class of 2007 Valedictorian to her Head of Wellness position at Rivian has taught her how important it is to take care of your body and mind, both in and outside of the workplace. Her impact on the well-being of others is a legacy to be proud of.

Sam Tsui, Class of 2007Samuel Tsui

WHS Activities: Musical (10-12); Camerata (10-12); Trojan Times (9-12); Debate (9); Chamber (10-12); National Honor Society (11,12); Drama (11,12); Choir (10-12); Barbershop (11,12); Concert Chorus (10-12)

Post-Graduate Achievements: Graduate, Yale University; Youtube Cover Channel with a worldwide fan base; Award winning soloist and choreographer.